Behind The Song – You Are The Centre

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The Sun & The Satellites was a phrase God gave me in a dream.  That really doesn’t happen to me very often!  Even before the songs were all written, I sensed this phrase was to be the title of the album.

To me, it conveys the need to keep Jesus at the centre of our lives, and we, as his satellites, to always stay in orbit around him.

You Are The Centre was an attempt to capture the heart of that theme.  Through early re-writes, this was a song that never quite settled down, even to the point of re-writing lyrics in the hours before recording.  Chord changes, styles, lyrics, tempo were all played around with.

Having not been completely happy with the song, it was almost dropped completely, only to be brought back through the cohersive nature of Cheryl and Sam.  I’m glad we did, as it is a song that was Matt Cotterill (producing) constantly referred to as ‘the song that makes me happy’.

You are the centre, you are the gravity, the love that is pulling me
You are the sun, and I am a satellite, spinning around your light…
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