Behind The Song – Even When (You Are Here)

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A couple of years back me and my wife took a sabbatical break from serving in our church.  Time out from leading worship, and all the others things we were involved with.  It was a much needed time for God to break us down, in order to build us up again.  I also took a long break from writing, but on returning to church, this was the song that echoed part of the journey we had been on.

The key lyrics for me are ‘You are always faithful, even when I’m faithless’ and the lines that talk about Gods steady hand.

God never changes and is always faithful, and his faithfulness does not depend on our faithlessness!

It’s amazing that we can shout and scream and tantrum through our trials, but none of that can shake who God is.  The very nature of the God we worship cannot be changed, shifted or shaken – even for a moment.

That’s why he is Alpha & Omega – Beginning and End.  He was faithful before time and will be faithful through eternity.  Sometimes when we lose hope, it’s because we have lost perspective on the truths we know about God.

Take a moment, to stand back, breathe deep and regain your perspective of God.  Faithful.  Steady. True.  Rock.  Forever.

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