Behind The Song – At The Foot Of The Cross

At The Foot Of The CrossSometimes I am so in despair over my own fallibility. My complete failure to live a life worthy of who God has called me to be.

“Where would I be, how could I stand, if your grace had not found me?”…read the lyrics…

I mean, think about it for a minute, where would you actually be right now if it wasn’t for Gods’ grace intervening, renewing and rebirthing you into a new creation?

I wanted this song to be a open acknowledgement of my brokenness before God, but completed by a declaration of the good-news ending that His grace brings.

This is probably my most honest song on the album, and also my favourite – I’ve been brought to tears on more than one occasion singing this back to God, especially when editing the video (below), using clips from Mel Gibsons The Passion Of The Christ movie.  There was a tension between declaring “There’s no-one higher, greater, stronger than my God who saved me” against the images of a dying Christ, that seemed to knot my soul up in thankfulness back to him.

When recording the song, it became one of the hardest to produce.  It felt almost like there was a weight of responsibility to arrange the song in a way that did the song justice, but it came together beautifully in the end.  Credit to Matt Cotterill (producer) for bringing the piano, strings, guitars and voices together in a way that the music brings emotional impact as well as the lyrics of the song.

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