Don’t Forget Your Heart

527617_10151067553230683_626265866_nKids screaming.

Missed breakfast.

No coffee left.

Argued with wife.

Alarm didn’t go off.


Drummer is late.

PA guy forgot.

Broken string.

Forgot your music.

Haven’t we all had at least one of the above (or something similar?), and if you’re like me, you may have had more than one on the same morning!

Of all the things we bring with us when we come to lead worship…whether that’s the physical (our instruments, equipment, ourselves), or the emotional (arguments, attitudes, feelings) the most important thing we bring with us is…

…our heart.

I would rather your guitar be out of tune, and you forgot to do your hair as long as every band  member (and church member for that matter) arrived with their heart in the right place.

A heart that is contrite, humble, open, receptive to the Spirit, passionate and ready to worship God.

When we come to lead worship, God is so much more concerned with the heart than the outward appearance.  So if you are on your worship team this week, why don’t you take even more time than normal to prepare your heart and tune into God for that service – remember it is not just the worship leaders job to carry the worship time, but the whole teams responsibility to sensitively respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit – and your can’t assume that will happen unless your heart is tuned as well as your instrument.

Take that time, prepare yourself correctly and watch how God takes you into a deeper place in your worship time – don’t forget your heart!

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