4 Things I’ve Learned About Worship Leaders & Musicians

1 – Worship leaders & musicians are human

supermanMany people see those who minister from ‘the platform’ as kind of special.  Surely they are super-spiritual?  Maybe really in tune with God?  They are chosen and the Holy Spirit has bestowed upon them special powers? Use the Force Redman, use the Force!

Nope.  Worship leaders and musicians are real people, with real problems, feelings, and issues.  They wake up in a bad mood like you.  They sleep in like you.  They forget to read their bible, like you.

Yes, they might be chosen to minister in a specific way, but platform ministries are no more vital or important than the welcome team, the cleaners, the tea & coffee makers or the prayer team.  Please don’t elevate a platform ministry, or the people, to some kind of ‘super-ministry’, or rock-star status as culture seems to promote in this generation.

2 – Worship leaders & musicians don’t know what’s going on

We have a responsibility to prayerfully consider our set list, our leading and our direction.  A responsibility to listen and be directed to the Holy Spirit.

But you know what?  Most of the time we haven’t got a clue what’s going on.

John de Jong in his book Riding The Storm describes the feeling of leading worship often as a blind man feeling his way along a wall.  Sometimes, the Spirit clearly and desicively shows us what to do and where to go in the worship times, but more often we are left to navigate through these times for ourselves.  Maybe that’s how Jesus wants it?  Maybe he just wants to know what’s on our hearts for him?

3 – Worship leaders & musicians are discouraged

guitar-roadWe need to have a ‘hug a worship leader and musician day’.

They can be discouraged so easily.  The smallest passing comment, may cut to the heart, and defeat all sense of value.  They have such a hard job, and need all the encouragement they can get.

Let’s champion the cause of the worship team, celebrate their gifts and encourage them as they battle with warrior spirits in leading the charge of the Church in worship.

4 – Worship leaders & musicians are vulnerable

I guess linked to 1 and 3 is their vulnerability.

Worship is a spiritual activity, and one that is at the centre of the calling of every Christian on the planet.  It is the greatest commandment (Matthew 22 v36-37).

And that which is our greatest calling, will surely be the greatest threat to the Enemy.

Satan will look to crush, subdue and destroy our Godly-worship activity at every turn, looking to avert our gaze on anything other than God.  And surely those within a worship team are going to be subject to specific and sustained attacks on their lives to this end.

Worship leaders and musicians – be alert! Be wise! Be centred on Jesus!

Everyone – pray regularly for your worship teams!


So what about you?  Do you relate to any of the above?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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