SWALK (Sealed With A Loving Kiss)

Worship is not music.  We know that.  Worship is a full-life offering, encompassing all our living.kiss-lips

I was thinking recently as to what our Sunday morning sung worship times should look like, and decided one of the best pictures I could come up with was SWALK.  Do you remember the times when you were at school and that girl or boy that you quite fancied dropped a letter into your bag when you weren’t looking with the letters SWALK written carefully across the sealed envelope?

Sealed With A Loving Kiss.

Your heart would jump and skip at the gesture as you pulled the envelope open to see what romance might be indicated inside.  You would tremble slightly reading the words, and fumble over your choice of actions in response to this move.  After all, you’re only 8 years old, and you can’t afford to take her to Macdonalds yet.

The real message is contained in the words of the letter.   The seal of a kiss on the envelope is a beautiful gesture, yet not as important as the message inside.

And this is the same in our worship.  Your whole life is the ‘love letter’ to God, and the words it contains are by far the most important thing.  Your sung worship is simply the seal over the letter inside.

What value is it to God if your envelope is sealed with the kiss of Sunday morning 10 top worship songs, yet the paper inside remains blank?  Your love letter, your life, is truly what God desires to read – let it be a poetic journey of passion, dedication and sacrifice that encompasses all your living.

Then, and only then, let it be sealed with your song.


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