About Us

“It’s not about us.”

It seem’s a little odd to start our story with that sentence but we believe a worship leader’s job is to shout about Jesus louder than we do about ourselves. However, here we are…

One of Jonny’s earliest songs has the lyrics: “My reason, my purpose, my intent, my resolve is to worship You”… and this encapsulates who we are and what we believe. We’re not so concerned with the bright lights of the stage, having our names on a poster or landing a record deal, but we are concerned in doing everything we can to make Jesus famous through our songs.

​As independent artists, we not only try and finance our records ourselves, but also carry the whole process from conception to delivery. Writing and recording music is no easy venture, but we’re dedicated in fulfilling the call of God on our lives. We believe there is a higher purpose on our songs than we can see – one that serves the Church far and wide and blesses the heart of God. ​ We’d love you to partner with us – buy the songs, use them in your church, share them with your friends – and join us in the wonderful adventure of worshipping God.