What A Way To Be Kept Humble!

Not much needs to be said about this, just watch!

Martin Smith (ex-Delirious) is brought down to earth by a simple unexpected button press…A reminder to us all to stay humble and focused on the one we worship…and not take our selves too seriously!

Have you ever had a nightmare, horror moment on stage?

The PA Man Needs Some Love Too…

There he is.  Yes you know him.  Sitting at the back,peering over that tall desk.  Giving dark glaring looks every time you ask for just a little more top end on your acoustic guitar.  He’s snarling when you tell him it all sounds a bit muddy on the stage and foams at the mouth in response to ‘that look’ you give when that loud pop happens when you take you guitar lead out.  What is that anyway?

He probably looks a bit like this:

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My Gear

Acoustic Guitar Pedal Zoom A2.1u
Acoustic Guitar Pedal Zoom A2.1u

Anyone else NEVER happy with their sound?  Yeah, me too…

Let’s start with acoustic guitar.  I’ve ran my acoustic through various pedals to get good sound, and have previously used:

Unfortunately I’ve never had the budget, nor the patience of my wife to investigate such things as the Fishman preamps, but include them on my list of things to try out along with things like the Aphex Acoustic Xciter or the fairly awesome looking but mega priced TC Electronic G Natural. Read more “My Gear”