Taylor Swift Being Prophetic?

You could blink, and almost miss it, but Taylor Swift has absolutely nailed the state of culture and this generation in her interview with 60 Minutes.  Here’s a link to a snippet of the interview.

“The truth of it is that every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation, so make your words count.”

Wow.  Think about that for a moment.

My daughter, just turning 9, has recently discovered MTV, and the moment has arrived for me where she is suddenly more aware of the latest names in popular music than I am.  When Rita Ora comes on, there’s a yelp of “oooh I love this song” and the volume suddenly goes up on the TV. Read more “Taylor Swift Being Prophetic?”

Get Away From The Noise

Stop a moment.

No, really stop.  Stop hovering over your Facebook refresh button, stop checking your phone (don’t worry, it will make a noise when you get a message), take the ipod hearphones out your ears, turn the TV off, leave the room and shut your eyes.

Can you hear it?  The silence?  Now turn your heart to Jesus and just wait a moment.

Isn’t it amazing how busy we are.  The 21st century is full of noise and colour.  Communication tools for every minute of every day.  There is always something to do, someone to see, a message to check and a job to do. Read more “Get Away From The Noise”

Behind The Song – Even When (You Are Here)

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A couple of years back me and my wife took a sabbatical break from serving in our church.  Time out from leading worship, and all the others things we were involved with.  It was a much needed time for God to break us down, in order to build us up again.  I also took a long break from writing, but on returning to church, this was the song that echoed part of the journey we had been on.

The key lyrics for me are ‘You are always faithful, even when I’m faithless’ and the lines that talk about Gods steady hand. Read more “Behind The Song – Even When (You Are Here)”

Behind The Song – You Are The Centre

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The Sun & The Satellites was a phrase God gave me in a dream.  That really doesn’t happen to me very often!  Even before the songs were all written, I sensed this phrase was to be the title of the album.

To me, it conveys the need to keep Jesus at the centre of our lives, and we, as his satellites, to always stay in orbit around him.

You Are The Centre was an attempt to capture the heart of that theme.  Through early re-writes, this was a song that never quite settled down, even to the point of re-writing lyrics in the hours before recording.  Chord changes, styles, lyrics, tempo were all played around with. Read more “Behind The Song – You Are The Centre”

Behind The Song – Sing Sing Sing

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For some reason, I always try and write songs that have some sort of anthemic feel to them.   Back in the 90’s my most memorable experiences in worship were getting to know songs like Did You Feel The Mountain Tremble? and Obsession by Delirious – the epic numbers that journeyed through intimate moments to get to storming choruses that really moved me.

Sing Sing Sing, in part tries to imitate some of that feeling – a long atmospheric intro, moving to quiet verses, to a big chorus.  I love the ‘bigness’ of the song. Read more “Behind The Song – Sing Sing Sing”

Finishing Last In The Upside Down Kingdom

Finishing Last In The Upside Down Kingdom
Finishing Last In The Upside Down Kingdom

Wow, the Kingdom of God is just inside out, upside down and back to front.

It says several times in Matthew that “the last will be first, and the first will be last”, and while there is much depth in this simple statement to be pondered, I have been considering it recently in regards to worship, my role as a worship leader and as someone writing, recording and selling worship music. Read more “Finishing Last In The Upside Down Kingdom”

Book Review – Riding The Storm – John de…

“A guide to radical, Spirit-filled worship for worship leaders, musicians, pastors and creative artists.”

I must admit, that I don’t read half as much as I should.  I start many books with the best intentions, but many on the shelf still have a bookmark half way through.

However, occasionally a book comes along, that arrests me on a deeper level.  One that I know, that I must finish – Riding The Storm is one of these.

Read more “Book Review – Riding The Storm – John de Jong”

The Worship See-Saw

Just had some thoughts about a see-saw.  Thought I’d share.

It is always a difficult job ensuring the right people are on your worship team.  You always seem to have that awesome guitarist who just wears band t-shirts with skulls on them, and listens to bands like Death March and I Hate My Mum.  Then there’s the middle aged lady who sings – nobody remember her joining the team – she was just always there.  The bassist…well, just smile would you. Etc. Etc.  Who’s right for your team?

How did these people get on the worship team?  What criteria do we use to bring them on?  Did we get it right? Read more “The Worship See-Saw”