MTV is God

God is seeking true worship not performance...
God is seeking true worship not performance…

“God is not seeking great worship, but true worshipers–a consumed people, not a consumer event. (John 4:23)” – Scotty Smith

I was thinking today about how flawed our offering can be.

Over the years I’ve watched church worship teams play out of tune, out of time, out of key, sing the wrong words and do some glorious car crash endings.  But you know what?  Gods grace is so enormous and, well, gracious, that he still chooses to meet with his people. Read more “MTV is God”

James May & The Final Frontier

James May goes to the edge of space
James May goes to the edge of space

I don’t know what you think of Top Gear – some people love it, some people hate it (and certain presenters) with passion…but there was a fascinating BBC program on recently called ‘James May On The Moon’, that was worth a watch.

James May, one of Top Gears regulars, in his usual floppy haired approach showed us spaceships, introduced us to spacemen and then offered space itself to us in a fleeting moment of beauty and awe.

After 3 days intensive training he was taken in a U2 (not the band) plane to the very edges of space, where 95% of earths atmosphere by mass was below him, the curvature of the earth was visible and infinite realm of space was but an arm reach away. Read more “James May & The Final Frontier”

New Day – Song by Song

New Day AlbumA bit of background on each song from the New Day album…

Take My Life

I always loved the old hymn by Frances R. Havergal, and sort of stumbled over this version almost by accident. I was just messing around with a simple chord structure on the piano (I don’t really play, I just make it up…!) and started singing the words. The new verses fell into place pretty quickly and the whole thing just felt right. In fact you may not know but this is one of 2 songs on the album, which the band didn’t actually play on (the other is The Call). The whole track came together over about two days, working with some loops and synth sounds, and tieing it up with that cool bass line. I had really wanted something fresh and original to start the album off, and I think this works well. Read more “New Day – Song by Song”

The PA Man Needs Some Love Too…

There he is.  Yes you know him.  Sitting at the back,peering over that tall desk.  Giving dark glaring looks every time you ask for just a little more top end on your acoustic guitar.  He’s snarling when you tell him it all sounds a bit muddy on the stage and foams at the mouth in response to ‘that look’ you give when that loud pop happens when you take you guitar lead out.  What is that anyway?

He probably looks a bit like this:

Read more “The PA Man Needs Some Love Too…”

Favourite Worship Song of 2011

Favourites songs of 2011
Favourites songs of 2011

Another year begins.

Through the relentless churn and turnover of songs sung in church, where so many songs are brought in and cast aside with equal urgency, there are just a handful that really stand out for me.  They may not be songs written specifically this year, but they are ones which have meant much to me this year.  So to reverse the traditions of Sunday afternoon top 40 on Radio 1, I’ll start with this years no. 1… Read more “Favourite Worship Song of 2011”

My Gear

Acoustic Guitar Pedal Zoom A2.1u
Acoustic Guitar Pedal Zoom A2.1u

Anyone else NEVER happy with their sound?  Yeah, me too…

Let’s start with acoustic guitar.  I’ve ran my acoustic through various pedals to get good sound, and have previously used:

Unfortunately I’ve never had the budget, nor the patience of my wife to investigate such things as the Fishman preamps, but include them on my list of things to try out along with things like the Aphex Acoustic Xciter or the fairly awesome looking but mega priced TC Electronic G Natural. Read more “My Gear”

Were the whole realm of nature mine…

Were The Whole Realm Of Nature Mine...
Were The Whole Realm Of Nature Mine…

“Were the whole realm of nature mine, that were an offering far too small”

The view out the window is rain on this confused July morning. The ride to work will be wet. And muddy. The misunderstanding with the neighbour is still on my mind and my uneasy feelings over matters close to my heart will not clear.

The handle fell off my coffee mug today.

The house is a mess , fuel is expensive, children are naughty, work is frustrating, time is short. So what will be my offering today? Read more “Were the whole realm of nature mine…”